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    Civil Affairs Division
    Self-governing administration, elect, rites and religions, mediation, land administration, Health insurance, neighborhood administration, Grave politics, environmental sanitation, compulsory education, social education, culture, civil defence, Indigenous Perples Service, military service administration, and belong to civil service.
    Secretariat Office
    Research and Evaluation, Seals, Documents, files, General Affairs, Legal Affairs, Information Management, cashier, Conference Rooms Administration, Public Service, not belong to the item of other classrooms with palm of secretary office.
    Economic Development Section *
    Responsible for industry, business, public construction, Civil engineering, urban planning, Street light maintenance, and other economic affairs.
    Agricultural Section
    Agriculture, forestry, fishery, and livestock production, agricultural promotion, food supply, agriculture marketing and survey
    Social Welfare Section
    social welfare, society's succouring, calamity relieving, medical subsidies ,community development and other relevant society's policy items.
    Personnel Office
    The personnel office handles the personnel management business, promote the administration to improve the scheme.
    Accounting Office
    In charge of budgeting, accounting and statistics.
    Civil Service Ethics Office
    In charge of government ethics issues.