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Cuisine and Agricultural Products

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    Meinong's Hakka Cuisine | Agricultural Products | Crafts
    * Meinong Paper Umbrella *
    Paper Umbrella   Handmade paper umbrellas are the most representative folk art of Meinong. Paper umbrellas were originally used in the Meinong area as a shade for rain and sun. In Chinese, the word "paper (zhi)" and "son (zi)" are homonyms, the parents gave their boys a pair of umbrella at the 16th birthday in the ritual of adulthood. The umbrellas used for the ritual are painted with the images of four persons, symbolizing "completeness", and the girls also receive a pair on the wedding day as a blessing to the daughter for happiness, fertility and good luck. The grace of paper umbrellas express a classic elegance; they are the memories shared by many and valuable collectibles.
    Paper Umbrella Making Paper Umbrella
    * Meinong's Ceramics *
    Ceramics   We do not know when Meinong become a famous place for ceramics. It is now known the center of ceramic art in southern Taiwan. Therefore, you must not miss the chance to see the brilliant art of Meinong's ceramic when you are in town and why not take this change to experience the fun of pottery. You may just fall in love with it.
    * Blue-dye shirts *
    blue-dye shirts

      This is a unique style of costume passed down from Hakka's ancestors; it is known as the long gown, blue shirts, or wide collar shirt. In the earlier times, everybody, from children to the elderly, worn the costume, but later, in the Japanese Colonial Period, the policy advocated short shirts for the women. In the recent years, the blue shirts have become an image of culture and worn in the Hakka festivals, rituals, or Hakka music and dance performances.

      Blue shirts, the symbol of Hakka women's diligence, is a souvenir not to be missed. The old shop, Jingsing Taylor Shop, on Yongan Old Street is one of the best blue shirts makers in Meinong.