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Agricultural Products


      Meinong's Hakka has gone through a long period of hard-time, struggling from insecurity and shortage of provisions; therefore, they are accustomed to prepare for rainy days. The Hakka pioneers developed unique food preservation technologies, including drying  and pickling for long-term preservation and the technologies, as well as special tastes, have been passed down for generations.

      Radish strips, radish threads, Fu Cai, and radish leaves are the most commonly seen dried vegetables.

      Meinong Hakka women are masters of pickling. Famous products include sauces radish, pickled vegetables and Fu Cai, pickled bamboo shoots, pickled cucumber, fermented bean curd, pickled winter melon, sauced pineapple pickle, and picked young ginger. Can you imagine plates after plates of green sweet potato leaves or wild lotus, garnished with pickled young ginger and stir-fried with pineapple or cordia? You will find it all in Meinong.