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Must-see spots

    Chung Li-He Museum  Chung Li-He, born in 1915, migrated to Pingtung from Meixian of Guangdong Province. At age of 18, the young man fell in love with a girl named Chung Tai-Mei during his stay with his father in Meinong. He disregarded the taboo against marrying the same surname and eloped with the girl to the Northeast region of China. This chapter of his life and the subsequent torment gave him a repertoire of inspirations for his legacy and legendary literature works. His life passed in sickness and poverty. He died coughing blood at age 45.

    In June 1979, private organizations built the first museum for civilian writers in Taiwan in commemoration of Mr. Zhong Li-He.

    In addition to the manuscripts and objects of Chung Li-He's life, manuscripts of other Taiwanese writers are also collected and exhibited in this museum. It has indeed become the "Museum of Taiwan's Contemporary Literature".