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Must-see spots

      Yuan Siang Yuan Paper Umbrella Culture Village was formerly Yuan Siang Yuan Paper Umbrella Company. Master Liu Yun-Chao founded the Guang Cheng Sing Paper Umbrella Company, but it was unfortunately destroyed by the unprecedented 87 flood. Losses in this flood disaster forced the family to close down the factory.

      In an effort to preserve the art and culture of Meinong's Paper Umbrella, traditional shops have been unable to cope with the curiosity and demand of the visitors on Meinong Hakka Culture. Thus, the family founded a cultural center themed upon the subject of umbrella. After several years of preparation, the culture village was finally born. The spacious space and diversified content extended Meinong's Hakka culture into a new territory, ready for the new era of the paper umbrella craft as well promotion of Hakka culture.

      Meinong's umbrella craft has had a long history. In the earlier times, practical use was the main concern but, in the recent 20 years, Meinong's paper umbrella has come into the families as an elegant home decoration. This demand upgraded the paper umbrella into the status of souvenirs.